• Private fostering is when you live with an adult who is not your Mum, Dad or a close relative, such as, your grandparents, Aunt or Uncle.
  • It applies to children and young people under 16 (or up to 18 if you have disabilities)
  • If you are going to live with, for example, a friend of your family, a more distant relative, a neighbour, someone in the community, or the parent of your boyfriend/girlfriend and you will be staying with them for longer than 28 days - this is called private fostering
  • Your Mum or Dad will have agreed that this person (private foster carer) can look after you if they are unable to take care of you themselves

Who needs to know?

If you are living with a private foster carer, your Mum or Dad and the private foster carer must tell the Children’s Services Department that you are living with someone else and not your parents. Children’s Services will arrange for a Social Worker to come to meet you and your carers and check that you are well looked after where you are living.

What will the Social Worker do?

A Social Worker will visit you and make sure that you are safe and well cared for. She or he will talk to you about how you are feeling and if you are happy with the arrangement. The Social Worker will listen to you and answer any questions you may have or talk about any worries. She or he will also talk to your Mum or Dad and your carers too. If you come from another country, Children’s Services can help you maintain links with your home country, culture, religion and traditions.

What will you need to know about your Private Foster Carers?

Before you move in with your private foster carer it’s important that you know about them and their family.
For example, you will need to know:

  • Your Carers names, address and telephone number.
  • If they have children of their own - their names and ages.
  • What it will be like living with your foster family and living in that area/community.
  • What to do if you have any concerns

What happens after you move in with your Private Foster Carers?

Your Social Worker will visit you regularly and check out how things are going. You can tell them anything you are worried about. She or he will help to work things out and make sure you are OK.

How can you find out more about Private Fostering?

If you have any questions about being privately fostered, please contact: Children’s Services Contact Centre Telephone 0161 234 5001