About MSCB

About MSCB

The Manchester Safeguarding Children Board was established in 2006 following the publication of Working Together to Safeguard Children 2006 and replaced the Area Child Protection Committee (ACPC). The remit of the ACPC was expanded to include the wider area of safeguarding as oppose to statutory child protection.

The Board is made up of key partner organisations which include Statutory and Community, Voluntary and Faith organisations which agrees a business plan to lead on the Stay Safe outcome for Children.

The Board established itself and set about identifying its aims and objectives through the development of several subgroups, each developing its main areas of work and key priorities to compliment and support the main priorities of the board. More detail in structure section.

Copies of the 2015/17 Business Plan and the 2015/16 Annual Report and  2014/15 Annual Report are available to download. Copies of CDOP Annual Reports are now available on the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership website.

Copies of the previous Annual Report 2010/11, Annual Report 2011/12,  Annual Report 2012/13 and Annual Report 2013/14 are also available.

Manchester Safeguarding Children Board with Manchester Safeguarding Adult Board recently published a revised version of the Manchester Safeguarding Standard, which sets out the minimum standards that all providers and commissioners of services for Manchester citizen, adults and children alike are expected to adhere to. A copy of the Manchester Safeguarding Standard can be downloaded here.