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The Every Child Matters in Manchester - Launch Events - July '08

What is Forced Marriage? - July '08

Stay Safe Online - Aug '08

Schools and Children's Services: Delivering for Vulnerable Young People Conferences, Manchester 21st Oct '08

Contact Centre Fax Number - Nov'08

Dads' Space Virtual Contact Centre - Nov '08

New MSCB Multi-agency Protocol and Guidance - Nov 08

Revised Protocol Safeguarding Children and Young People at risk of Gang Firearms Activity - Dec '09

Safeguarding Children and Young People subject to Fabricated or Induced Illness - Dec '09

Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children affected by Parental Substance Misuse - Dec '09

ECM in Manchester - Continuum of Need and Common Assessment Framework Guidance - Dec '08

Managing Allegations against people who work with children - MSCB - Jan '09

Analysing child deaths and serious injury through abuse and neglect - DCSF - Jan '09

Learning Lessons, taking action: Ofsted's evaluations of serious case reviews - Jan '09

Private Fostering New Poster - Jan '09

NSPCC SCR Resource Page - Jan '09

Vacancy for an Independent Chair - Jan '09

St.Mary's Centre, Manchester - Conference to Focus on Adolescents and Sex Crimes - Jan '09

MSCB Multi-agency Training Programme April 2009 to March 2010 - Jan '09

Case Conference Leaflets for Young People - Feb '09

Safer Internet Day 10th February - Feb '09

Manchester Children's Rights Service - FREEPHONE 0800 032 5647

Childline - FREEPHONE 0800 1111

Safe in the City - Tel 0161 868 0382 / Fax 0161 868 0888

Brook Advisory Clinic - 0161 237 3001

42nd Street - 0161 228 1888 (helpline) 0161 228 7321 (admin)

YPSF - City Centre Project - 0161 228 7655/4

Chatdanger Website

BBC Safesurfing Website

Bullying UK Website

exchange Newsletter - Feb '09

Home Office Task Force on Child Protection on the Internet - Mar '09

Arabic, Chinese, French, Somali and English Private Fostering Leaflets

CyberMentors Website

Contact Point Briefing Note - Mar '09

Independent Visitor Scheme and Case Conference Leaflets...

The Children's Service Directory (CSD) - Mar '09

Safe At Home - the National Home Safety Equipment Scheme - Mar '09

LORD LAMING REPORT 12th March 2009

Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and Referrals to Children's Social Care - Mar '09

Family Group Conferencing - Mar '09

Reduce the Risk of Cot Death: 2009 edition - Mar '09

Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children - Perceptions of Senior Stakeholders - Mar '09

Connexions Manchester

A Letter from the Secretary of State to Lord Laming - Mar '09

Gang Membership: Top Danger Signs - 20 March 2009

National templates for LSCBs to use when collecting information about child deaths - 20 March 2009

Small Children's Charities Under Threat - 23 March 2009

Tough new measures to protect the vulnerable - 24 March 2009

Parentline - 0808 800 2222

Mosac - National Helpline 0800 980 1958

Parents Pack (from the Refugee Council)

Children's Minister Announces Members of Child Internet Safety Groups - 31 March 2009

Vetting and Barring Scheme contact centre - 2 April 2009

Head and spinal injuries in children - 3 April 2009

AFRUCA launches booklet on child abuse for African parents - 9 April 2009

Serious Case Review - Executive Summary Child E and Child F - 15 April 2009

Social Work Taskforce - 17 April 2009

Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children Procedures

GMSP Parental Mental Health and Safeguarding Children Guidance and Protocol

Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership Domestic Abuse Protocol

GMSP Safeguarding Children and Young People Subjected to Fabricated or Induced Illness Protocol

MSCB / MSAB Safeguarding and Gangs Protocol (under review)

GMSP Safeguarding Children affected by Parental Substance Misuse Protocol

GMSP Procedures for Managing Allegations against People who work with Children

GMSP Procedures for Photographing Children and Young People

MSCB Supervision of Children and Young People in Hospital Protocol

Early Help Common Assessment

Useful Documents

Cyberbullying: Supporting school staff

HM Government Guidance - What to do if You're Worried a Child is Being Abused

ContactPoint leaflet - 24 April 2009


Belfast Telegraph Protect Team article - 7 May 2009

Working Together to Safeguard Children

Laming Launch Event Slides - 7 May 2009

First Report of the Social Work Task Force - 7 May 2009

The MSCB at the Children's Trust Arrangements Conference - 8 May 2009

Critical Incident Review - Executive Summary Child Y - 13 May 2009

Changes for the Public Protection Investigation Unit (PPIU) - 18 May 2009

Greater Manchester Procedure for Working with Sexually Active <18

CEOP Annual Review 2008-9 - 2 June 2009

CEMACH becomes CMACE - 2 June 2009

Government Issued Policies and Guidance

Frequency of Core Group meetings - 13 July 2009

Multi-agency practice guidelines: Handling cases of Forced Marriage - 14 July 2009

Support for care leavers - 14 July 2009

DCSF: NEET Statistics Quarterly Brief - 14 July 2009

DCSF Departmental Report 2009 - 14 July 2009

Inspection of Progress Made in the Provision of Safeguarding Services in Haringey - 15 July 2009

Young Runaways - 15 July 2009

New CRB Website - 15 July 2009

ICS Next Steps - 15 July 2009

Effectiveness of the New LSCBs in England: Interim report - 22 July 2009

Safeguarding Children: A review of arrangements in the NHS for safeguarding children - 22 July

Stolen Futures: Trafficking for forced child marriage in the UK - 23 Jul

New Kidscape Course Launched - 23 July

Protecting children in the digital world - update July 2009 - 23 July

Think child, think parent, think family - 23 July

Digital Manifesto - 23 July

Levels of Need

NICE - Guidelines on when to suspect child maltreatment - 28 July

GM SUDC Procedure - 28 July

GM SUDC Procedures - 28 July

NEW Safeguarding Children Referral Form

MSCB Guidelines for Reporting/ Referral Procedures - 31 July

Consultation launched on serious case review guidance - 6 August

Safeguarding the Young and Vulnerable - Chief Inspector's Recommendations and Government's Responses - 6 August

Using Existing Criminal Record Bureau Checks and Whether to Employ a Person Before a Check - 6 August

Facing up to the Task - The interim report of the Social Work Task Force - 6 August

Code of Practice for Social Workers - 6 August

Third sector strategy and action plan: Intentions into action - 6 August

Extent of 'sexting' amongst British teenagers - 6 August

Executive Summary SCR Child G - 11 August

Effectiveness of child and adolescent mental health services - 13 August

Youth Rehabilitation Order coming into force in November 2009 - 17 August

Social care and prejudice survey - 17 August

Aiming high for disabled children: engaging with providers - 17 August

Attorney General's Youth Network competition - application deadline 16 September 09 - 21 August

Safe Systems accreditation scheme to be launched on the 29 September 2009 by NCVYS - 21 August

Campaign to stop trafficking of children - 21 August

Breaking the wall of silence: Practitioners’ responses to trafficked children and young people - 21 August

Locking up or giving up - is custody for children always the right answer? - 21 August

CRB's customer satisfaction at all-time high - 21 August

Draft Sentencing Guideline: overarching principles–sentencing youths - 21 August

Assessments of parenting and parenting support need - 21 August

Safeguarding Online: Explaining the risk posed by violent extremism - 21 August

Impact of ContactPoint will be tracked by annual survey - 21 August

Safeguarding Project Worker vacancy at MACC - 28 August

CAF new publication - Early Identification, Assessment of Needs and Intervention - 28 August

The Team Around the Child (TAC) and the Lead Professional: A guide for managers - 28 August

Annual review of the National Statistician on childhood, infant and perinatal deaths, in England and - 2 September

Childminding and Childcare Groups: A passion to be outstanding - 2 September

Protecting Children: Supporting Foster Carers - Dealing with an allegation - 9 September

Taskforce on the health aspects of violence against women and girls - 9 September

Primary school children in deprived areas get free school lunches 9 September

Lawyers for young people - 9 September

Children’s and young people’s access to online content on mobile devices, games consoles and portabl - 9 September

CEOP Strategic Overview 2008/9 - 9 September

Early years online self-evaluation form (SEF) and guidance - 9 September

27 calls from whisteblowers - 9 September

Unitversity Hospital of South Manchester new contact details - 16 September

Caring communities and private fostering - 17 September

Aiming high for disabled children: delivering improved health services - 18 September

Child Trust Fund boost - 18 September

Tackling Youth Alcohol-related Disorder Grant: 2009-10 - 18 September

Sure Start Children's Centres - 18 September

Vetting and Barring Scheme Media Coverage - 18 September

Think Family Toolkit: Improving support for families at risk - 18 September

Think Family Grant: 2009-10 - 18 September

MSCB Reporting & Referral Booklets 05 October

MSCB Reporting & Referral Flowcharts (A3) 07 October

Safeguarding Children Information & News Update 139 08 October

Capita’s 2nd National Conference 08 October

MSCB Guidelines on Reporting/Referral Procedures Booklets & Posters 26 October

Safeguarding Children Information & News Update 30 October

MSCB Guidelines for Reporting Concerns Booklets 06 November

DCSF ContactPoint Update 09 November

ContactPoint National Roll-Out 09 November

Armistice Day - 11th November 2009 10 November

Information Sharing Pocket Guide 25 November

Private Fostering - Do you know someone who is caring for somebody else’s child? 27 November

MSCB Reporting Concerns/Contact Procedure Booklets & Posters 01 December

MSCB Business Plan 08 December

National Conferences Update 08 December

Reporting Concerns & Requesting Services 14 December

Ofsted Unannounced Inspection 16 December

The Ofsted Annual Report is now published 31 December

MSCB Contact Numbers and Office Functions During Severe Weather 05 January 2010

Safeguarding Children From Abroad - Training 06 January 2010

Revised Chapter 8 - Working Together 06 January 2010

MSCB Reporting Concerns Guidelines - Booklets and Posters 18 January

E-Safety Press Release 09 February

St Mary's Centre Annual Conference - Sex Crimes and Vulnerable Adults

Dangerous Games..... 10 February

Safeguarding Children - National Information Update 17 February

Private Fostering - Who's caring for your child? 23 February

Ed Balls Statement - Re. Serious Case Reviews March 17

CAF Project Closing Briefing Note March 17

DCSF Revision of Working Together; Release Today March 17

The Independent Safeguarding Authority and you..... 19 March

UCLAN Conference on Forced Marriage 22 March

Mephedrone - Knowing the facts.... 22 March

Be Proud - Love Manchester 08 April

MSCB Training - What's changing? May 11, 2010

Think Fathers 09 May 2010

Single Agency Case Reports - Forms 11 June 2010

National Safeguarding Update

National Conferences Update 21 June 2010

National Consultations Update

Government Changes - DCSF 21 June 2010

Setting up Free Schools 21 June 2010

Conference - Legal Issues for LSCBs 22 June 2010

National Conferences Update July 2010 July 26th 2010

National Consultations Update July 2010 July 26th 2010

ContactPoint Decommissioning Arrangements 29 July

National Safeguarding Update August 9th 2010

Manchester Safeguarding Standard August 23th 2010

National Safeguarding Update 23rd August 2010

National Consultations Update - 23rd August 2010

National Conferences Update - 23rd August 2010

Updated Course Venue Details 2010-2011

National Safeguarding Update 3rd September 2010

Online Safety

Think U Know?

Cyberbullying Advice

National Safeguarding Update 15th September 2010

National Safeguarding Update 22nd September 2010

National Conference Update 22nd September 2010

National Consultations Update 22nd September 2010

Working with Sexually Harmful Behaviours in Residential Settings - AIM Workshops October 2010

Munro Review of Child Protection – Part One: A Systems Analysis 1st October 2010

National Safeguarding Update - 4th October 2010

Free half day briefing - 'Mental Health Awareness and Safeguarding Children Monday 22nd November 2010

National Consultations Update 12th October 2010

National Conference Update 12th October 2010

National Safeguarding Update 12th October 2010

NEW Safeguarding Children Referral Form 13th October 2010

Safeguarding Children Referral Form

National Safeguarding Update 24th November 2010

National Safeguarding Update 1st December 2010

GMSP Pre Birth Assessment Procedures

National Consultations Update 5th January 2011

National Conferences Update 5th January 2011

National Safeguarding Update 5th January 2011

The Munro Review of Child Protection 1st February 2011

Safeguarding Online Minimum Standards Version 3 February 2014

North West E-Safety Competition 7th February 2011

Guidelines for Reporting Concerns

National Safeguarding Update 10th February 2011

Safeguarding Disabled Children

Safeguarding Trafficked and Migrant Children

The Munro Review of Child Protection - Final Report 10th May 2011

Manchester Safeguarding Standard - Revised Version Published 23rd May 2011

CEOP Thematic Assessment Wed 29th June 2011

Manchester Pupil wins First Prize in regional E-safety Competition 8th July 2011

New SCR Sub-group Referral Pathway 12th July 2011

Government Response to the Munro Review of Child Protection 14th July 2011

Click Clever Click Safe!

Information Sharing Guidance

Initial Child Protection Case Conference Report Proforma

Guidance for GPs when completing a Report for a Child Protection Case Conference

Protocol for access to accommodation for young people aged 16 &17

Safeguarding Policy Guidance

Safeguarding Policy Guidance

New MSCB practice guidance for the management of self-harm by children and young people 28th October 2011

GM Practice Guidance for the Management of Self-Harm by Children & Young People

Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Teachers and other Staff

Use of Reasonable Force

Recently Published Department for Education Guidance 31st October 2011

MSCB Pilot of SCIE Systems Approach

Childline Website

Channel Project - Safeguarding against Violent Extremism January 2012

Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children’s Partnership provides advice for parents on circumcision 3rd March 2012

Greater Manchester Missing from Home & Care Protocol

Channel Project - Safeguarding against Violent Extremism

DfE Consultation on Revised Safeguarding Statutory Guidance 13 June 2012

Child Protection Plans and Core Group function

MSCB Escalation Procedure

Practice Guidance for working with alcohol-using parents

E-learning for MCC staff 20/12/12

Protect Flowchart

Help for parents whose children are missing from home

Thinking of running away from home?

Greater Manchester Safeguarding Procedures 26 April 2013

Sleep Safe Guidance

Disclosure and Barring Service 16 May 2013

NSPCC launches campaign for parents 8th July 2013

Child W SCR published 30th September 2013

Early Help Strategy and the ‘Multi-Agency Levels of Need (Threshold) Document launched 25th October 2013

Phoenix Protect Team

MSCB and partners

Resources for Parents and Carers

Resources for Young People

Research links

Resources for Professionals

Links to Partners

Key Contacts

MSCB Chronology Guidance

Working with young people who display sexually harmful behaviour

Mental Capacity Act Awareness briefing

Child and Family Assessment

GMSP / MSCB Escalation Procedure

MCAF newsletter January 2014

GMSP Female Genital Mutilation procedures

NSPCC Underwear Rule campaign - resources for teachers 13th January 2014

ChildLine Report 14th January 2014

MSCB Neglect Strategy February 2014

MSCB Neglect Strategy

CSE awareness for Licensed Premises

MCAF Training Session dates 2nd June 2014

Safeguarding Supervision Guidance

i-HOP info & advice service for professionals working with offenders' families

Barnardo's & Microsoft release app to help protect children from being sexually exploited

CSE - It's not okay 20th September 2014

Dual Process Guidance

Professional Only Meeting guidance

GMSP Harmful Sexual Behaviours presented by children and young people

Forced Marriage

Child in Need Guidance

Vetting & Regulation of Visitors to Children's Homes

Ofsted 'Safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults' Policy 10th February 2015

Safeguarding Children & Young People Vulnerable to Violent Extremism

Free guides for parents on parental controls

Child Z SCR report published 5th October 2015

Publication of Domestic Homicide Reviews October 2015

Early Help Hubs 6th October 2015

Know who your friends are 21st September 2015

Mandatory reporting of known FGM cases 6th November 2015

GMSP Private Fostering Guidance

Signs of Safety 8th February 2016

Safer Internet Day 2016 9th February 2016

Eary Help & MSCB 'Working Together' Event 10th February 2016

Child B1 and Child D1 SCR Reports published 11th February 2016

MSCB Consent Policy

MSCB Consent Policy published 22nd February 2016

NSPCC Whistleblowing Helpline launched 22nd February 2016

Domestic Homicide Review DHR3 published February 2016

CSE Week of Action 14th to 20th March 2016

CSE Week of Action Media opportunities 15th March 2016

MSCB Annual Report published 23rd March 2016

LADO referral form 5th April 2016

FGM Mandatory Reporting Duty and Online Training 25th April 2016

MSCB Training Programme 2016-17 Brochure 28th April 2016

Spaces available on training courses Various dates

NEW SCR Referral Form 17th August 2016

New Child in Need Guidance issued 27th June 2016

MSCB Annual Report 2015/16