Children and Young People

Welcome to the Children and Young People section of the Manchester Safeguarding Children Board.

  • Safeguarding is the word we use when we want to stop young people from being hurt.
  • Safeguarding looks at what needs to happen to keep children and young people safe.

The Young Person's Guide to Working Together to Safeguard Children explains how agencies should work together to keep children and young people safe. 

Read the Safeguarding Children Review Guide. This is the young person's guide to the safeguarding children report. It should help explain what action is taking place to keep children safe.

You will be able to see what inspectors (and others) have said is being done well. It will also tell you about the things they think still aren't good enough at the moment.

Check out our Keep Yourself Safe section for lots of links to websites,leaflets and events.

Also, visit the Where can you find help? section for information about services throughout the Manchester area (and throughout the country) that help keep you safe.