What is E-safety?


Safer Internet Day 2013 - NEW First to a Million Mock Trial Resource

E-safety is about keeping safe online by being careful what information you share with people you don't know, understanding privacy settings on social networking sites and knowing how to report bullying or inappropriate conversations.

Technology today offers us many different ways to communicate and socialise with people we know and don't know in this country and all over the world. 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year we can access the Internet from laptops, games consoles and mobile phones. We can share our thoughts online through twitter and blogs, upload our films and photos on to You Tube and social networking sites, comment on other people's photos, films and blogs and meet, play games and chat with people we will never get to know in the real world.

This is now part of everyday life, especially for young people. It opens up possibilities not even dreamed about 10 years ago, it carries great benefits and is revolutionising the way we communicate with friends, at school and at work. But it also carries risks such as abuse, bullying, fraud and identity theft.

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I need help now!

Concerned about something that happens whilst online?

If you are in immediate danger or want urgent help call 999 or contact your local police. Otherwise clicking on the CEOP Report Button above will take you to a number of ways to receive help and advice as well as the option to report any instance of sexual contact or harmful material to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Latest News

Safer Internet Day 2012

The theme for Safer Internet Day was "Rights and Responsibilities"

Lots of resources were developed to help promote e-safety during Safer Internet Day and the week around it:

Pupils from Manchester Voicebox have been working with MSCB, Healthy Schools and CEOP on mock trial centred around the CEOP resource on sexting 'First to a Million'.

The event allowed the pupils to debate both the legal, and more importantly the ethical implications of sexting. More...

Safer Internet Centre
The Safer Internet Centre has a number of resources now available, including a new set of classroom resources for primary and secondary schools.

CEOP (ThinkUKnow)
CEOP have released an educational pack for use in schools (registration with site needed).
The parents' area of the site has been updated.