Since the introduction of Local Safeguarding Boards, changes have been made to the way in which premises such as bars, restaurants, shops etc apply for a licence.
Each application now has to clearly identify what measures they are taking to safeguard children from harm. This could be through policies for staff or protective measures for customers.

Under the Licensing Act 2003, children will normally have access to licensed premises unless there is a clear need for them to be excluded, such as Adult Entertainment Stores/Venues, Nightclubs and Gambling establishments.

Details of how to apply for a licence can be found on the City Council's website

Advice on the requirements for an underage event can be found in the guidance and risk assessment.

Membership of a Responsible Retailer Scheme will help premises fulfil these requirements - visit the Manchester Best Bar None and the Manchester Public Health sites for more details.

Raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

CSE destroys the lives of children and families - if premises get this wrong it can damage the reputation of the premises, the owner, manager or employee.

Below are a number of resources that organisations can use to ensure all their staff understand the issues around CSE, what the warning signs are and who to contact if they have concerns.

LGA CSE poster   LGA infographic    Say Something poster 1   Say Something poster 2

Say something poster 3     Proof of Age Criteria            Hotel Staff checklist

Barnardos leaflet              LGA training powerpoint         LGA 'CSE myths vs reality'

All children have the right to be safe from harm - if you think a child or young person is at risk you must contact the Police or Children's Services.

Licence applications

The Manchester Safeguarding Children Board expects all applicants to detail in their operating schedule how they intend to protect children from harm in their premises or as a result of the activities requested in their license (for example, the sale of alcohol).

Where children have access to licensed premises measures to ensure their safety and extra resources need to be considered. L
icence Applicants/Licensees can reduce the risk of harm to children by considering:

  • Age restrictions for all or part of the time the premises is open, this may include times at which there is adult entertainment,  drink promotion nights etc;
  • Ensuring all staff coming into contact with children/young people are vetted. This may include DBS checks for staff, proof of identity and a record of employment history;
  • Training staff to be aware of safeguarding issues such as proxy sales. Don’t allow untrained staff to sell alcohol to consumers;
  • Displaying signage about the laws relating to children and alcohol;
  • Compliance with the Portman Group’s code of practice on the naming, packaging and promotion of alcoholic drinks;
  • Using CCTV/Security to monitor the vicinity in and around the premises/event;
  • Considering how the premises can work with the community to tackle anti-social behaviour.