Parents and Carers

Patterns of family life vary and there is no one, perfect way to bring up children. Good parenting involves caring for children’s basic needs, keeping them safe, showing them warmth and love, and providing the stimulation needed for their development and to help them achieve their potential, within a stable environment where they experience consistent guidance and boundaries.

As a parent, carer, neighbour, teacher or anyone in contact with children and families you may at times have concerns about the welfare of a child. These could be concerns about their development, appearance or behaviour which may indicate signs of abuse.

If you have concerns about a child you must seek advice from professionals which may involve a contact to Social Care. If you believe that a child or young person is at immediate risk, this should be reported without delay to the police service as a 999 emergency and contact should also be made with First Response Team at the Manchester Contact Centre. The telephone number is 0161 234 5001.

The Fax number is 0161 255 8266. A telephone contact should be followed up with a Multi-agency Contact and Assessment Form within 48 hours. The form is on this website at the bottom of the blue box on the homepage.

Click on our Keep Your Child Safe section for links to websites, leaflets and services throughout Manchester (and nationally) that help keep your child safe.