Specific Procedures

In the event of a child’s death or having suffered a serious injury where abuse or neglect is known or suspected to be a factor, Manchester Safeguarding Children Board will conduct a Serious Case Review (SCR) into the involvement of organisations and professionals with the child and family. The purpose of the review is to:

  • establish whether there are lessons to be learned from the case about the way in which local professionals and organisations work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children
  • identify clearly what those lessons are, how they will be acted upon, and what is expected to change as a result; and
  • as a consequence, to improve inter-agency working and better safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

On completion of the SCR the redacted Overview Report and Executive Summary of the findings will be published and made available to the public. Below are the most recent serious case review reports commissioned by the Board.

Please note however that only current reports will be available to download. Copies of historic reviews can be requested directly from the MSCB Business Unit by calling 0161 234 3330.